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"so are u ready to serve?"
Well I just had a don't -ever-want-to-reapeat-experience on
I was supposed to be " the on duty slave" on that moment (lucky me.. I thought..) for a supposedly young and vibrant dominant girl who invited immediately me on a private chat and who, with my incredible surprise, only after just few lines exchanged, wished me good luck and withdrew from the fight, just like a scared kid on his first day at school would do.
Girl, come on!
You can do better than that. Especially in consideration of the fact that on your profile you state that you are a true "dominant female". What a dush.

Well, assuming that you even were a female, you surely would know by now that you are not whom you pretend to be ( Unfortunately for me and for all the real ones out there seeking for beauty).
The gift (and hence the beauty of it ) of domination resides in the innate talent of challenging your opponent and naturally being on top of the fight at any moment without losing your temper.
If you can't verbally (and I don't mean by screaming or yelling ) subjugate your male partner well you are not a dominatrix lol.
Your just a young inexperienced lady who wish to show to the world how cool she is and how powerful her charm is on men.
But is not.

When someone is teasing you (a slave, a partner..) you should accept the scenario, not run away from it invoking misterious and unwritten rules that are supposed to give you the right to silence instatly your counterpart whenever you want.
You need to own it girl!
Those rules do not exist. They were rumours started by those without a true talent who were just trying to emulate those who actually made history. The true female. The true dominant personality.
I really despise those young (usually very immature ) little daddy's princesses who are so full of themselves and scared at the same time hiding behind a facade of a fake persona whose profile, either freshly scanned from the pages of their parents' magazines or recently constructed ad artem to fit the purpose has never impressed anyone but themselves.

I want the real ruler. I want the real deal.

A female that would cast me away with her look and her silence.

Were are you, oh perfect lady?

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